【Stones】Rose Quartz

I once hated rose quartz. It seemed too cute and too inoccent for me. It seemed like a baby. It had no experience to be unbeautiful, hated, betrayed and blamed. It's never rethought its identity. It's been loved from the beginning and coherently.


My life was not like that. I've been hurt. I've needed to rebuild who I was, what my life's perpose was. Sometimes, my friend's bullied me. My teacher's misunderstood me. My mother's not stayed with me. 


I hated rose quartz because it seemed like it didn't have any unhappy experiences and said knowing those unhappy things never make you happy. Not knowing was the best thing.


I hated rose quartz. But one day, I don't know why but I decided to put on a rose quartz ring. Day by day I've come to feel confortable.


Rose quartz's always smiled at me. Even I made a fault, it smiled at me. Then I thought of myself. My fault was not a big deal. My bleaming myself and punishing myself was the big problem. I could be happy even though I made a mistakes. Honestly, that's not my business.


The most fundamental thing in this world was my happiness. This world was a story of myself. I was the main cast of this story. Everyone spent their story. But I didn't have to be the cast of somebodies' stories.


One day, I did a great job in my office. I had a confidence in myself. Everybody turned to love me. I felt so happy. I was like surrouned by a pink warm blanket. Yes, a blanket just like rose quartz


Although it was the happiest moment, I felt like a little bit uncomfortable. So I looked down to my ring and said" Thank you. It's because of your power. Not mine." 


Suddenly I felt something uneasy. I felt like I chose the wrong message. So I tried to find a right message. Then I came to one phrase that perfectly suited the smile of my rose quartz. "I love you." 


Rose quartz helpled me. It must be true. But It didn't do it because of anything but love. It's loved me coherently. So the most suitable phrase I would say was "I love you." Not "Thank you."


After that, I came to wonder whether I'd ever thought that somebody helped me a lot because simply they loved me. I came home and told it to my husband. He smiled and seemed so happy. Yes, he's always helped me a lot. I said "I love you." instead of "Thank you."