Youkai-Watch the movie 2nd. It's so good!

My husband, dauther and I went to see Youkai-Watch the movie 2nd yesterday. It was more than we expected. I really recomend it.


...My 4 years old daughter's interrupting me to watch the trailers now. She really loves them.


The movie consists of 5 small stories, so the little children like my dauther don't give up watching. Those 5 stories are linked each other and has each conclusion, then leave hints to the biggest conclusion in the 5th story. 


In addition, the small children under junior high are given a special Youkai medal. My daughter treated it like a treasure.


The movie is expected to be watched by mothers and their children. So, many stories targetes mothers. In every story, I was made to cry. In contrast, my husband seems a bit lonely but said "It was good."


Honestly, I wanna watch it again at a theater today.









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