Someday, I wanna have a business for people who love stuffed animals and dolls.

I now belong to a Facebook group for Snoopy fans. There, people introduce their owning snoopy dolls and goods very happily.


I posted a photo of my old Snoopy doll. Then many people gave me comments and "good" including Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and more. 


There, I came to eager to communicate with snoopy lovers around the world. Accordingly, I was noticed although we are not in the same countries, cultures or religions, but have some kinds of compassion. 


I realize that the soft toy lovers can be the key of world peace. Besides, who can be cruel hugging soft toys ?


By the way, do you know the company named "Unagi Travel" ? They're very unique travel company. The business is not for people but for stuffed animals.


Unagi Travel | 大切な人に、ウナギトラベル – ぬいぐるみの旅行代理店


Not selling toys, but the new types of toy businesses are coming. Selling and buying is not the core of soft toy lovers. I hope the new proposals will be increase. 


In case of  you are not happy to hear "Merry Christmas" because of your religion,  have a happy and peaceful end-of-the-year !




Unagi Travel | 大切な人に、ウナギトラベル – ぬいぐるみの旅行代理店